Dan Bao

Dan Bao is a writer and reporter, who was born in 1984 in Harbin. She studied at Peking University and the University of Chicago, and in her work she primarily examines sex, gender, family and class issues in contemporary China. She has conducted fieldwork across China and her writings have been widely published in publications such as NoonStory, Carp, Oriental Morning Post, Vista to the World, and Life Week.

作家,记者,1984年生于哈尔滨。曾就读于北京大学和芝加哥大学,在写作中关心中国的性别与阶级、新富社会的消费与交换、中国婚姻家庭形态变迁。《为未来的女儿》《一个女人的出东北记》等讨论性别平等与中国社会变迁后果的随笔流传颇广。曾在闽南安溪县和四川羌族地区作田野调查,有基于闽南田野调查的小说《过火》发表于《鲤》,小说《鸿鸾禧》等发表于《小说界》,随笔《在棚户区》《到海底去》等发表于“正午故事”,另有评论、小说、随笔散见于《东方早报》《Vista看天下》《三联生活周刊》、“ONE一个”等。论文《拉德克里夫-布朗在中国:1935–1936》发表于《社会学研究》2007第(1)期,页161–174;多篇论文及书评发表于《社会学家茶座》《中国人类学评论》《中国社会科学报》等;诗歌 Waiting for John Nash Outside a Beijing conference Room 发表于 Anthropology and Humanism, Volume 39, Issue 1, June 2014, Pages 102-103,获2014年美国人类学学会维克多·特纳民族志写作诗歌提名奖。


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