Flying Deuterium

飞氘,科幻作家,文学博士,清华大学中文系助理教授。著有短篇小说集《纯真及其所编造的》、《讲故事的机器人》、《中国科幻大片》、《去死的漫漫旅途》。此外,曾在Science Fiction Studies、《文学评论》等期刊上发表学术类文章。作品被译成英文、意大利文、德文、日文等。

Flying deuterium, science fiction writer, doctor of literature, Tsinghua University Chinese Department assistant professor. With a collection of short stories “innocence and its made”, “storytelling robot”, “Chinese science fiction blockbuster”, “long journey to death.” In addition, he has published academic articles in journals such as Science Fiction Studies and Literary Criticism. Works are translated into English, Italian, German, Japanese and so on.

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