Ma Boyong

Ma Boyong was born in the 80s in Chifeng in Inner Mongolia and was raised in Guilin. He studied in Shanghai and overseas. His work is known for its humorous, often hilarious, nature. He writes a range of genres including historical fiction, fantasy and mystery, and his representative books include Antique Game, The Doomsday Book and Goddess of Wind and Rain. He has won the People’s Literature Prize, the Zhu Zhiqing’s Essay Award and China Book Power’s annual Top Ten List.

马伯庸,1980年出生于赤峰,曾留学新西兰数年,自2005年起在外企工作十年,自称“低压配电行业从业人员”。 擅长以奇特的想象重构历史,被誉为“文学鬼才”。他的作品具有厚重的历史底蕴,行文旁征博引,时而犀利泼辣,时而妙趣横生,真正做到了把历史写得“好看”。代表作有《风起陇西》《三国机密》《古董局中局》《龙与地下铁》《长安十二时辰》等。荣获人民文学奖、朱自清散文奖以及国内科幻文学最高奖项“银河奖”。《古董局中局》入选中国“图书势力榜”文学类年度十大好书。多部作品被改编成影视剧。


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