Ren Xiaowen

Ren Xiaowen was born in 1978 and she got her Master’s Degree in Journalism from Fudan University in Shanghai. She is the author of the novels, Them and On the Island, as well as On the Balcony, a collection of short stories. In 2017 her novel The Good Woman Song Meiyong was published by the Beijing October Literary Publishing House and met with critical acclaim and won several awards. Her unusual fictional style combines a deep knowledge of traditional Chinese literature, the incisiveness of an academically-trained mind, and a lyrical sense of style. Her works have been translated into many languages, including Swedish, English, Italian, French and Russian.任晓雯,小说家。1978年生于上海,复旦大学新闻学院毕业,硕士学位。1999年开始发表作品,出版有《好人宋没用》《浮生》等七种单行本。作品获得多种奖项,并被翻译成瑞典文、英文、意大利文、法文、俄文等。


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