Xia Jia

Xia Jia is a writer, translator, filmmaker and a Xi’an Jiaotong University associate professor. Her writing style often blends genres and integrates sci-fi, fantasy, romance and mythology. She has won the Galaxy Award seven times and was nominated for Xingyun Awards for Global Chinese Science Fiction four times. Her works have been translated into English, Japanese, French, Russian, Tibetan, Polish and Italian. Her story Let’s Have a Talk was published in the science-fiction section of the British journal Nature. Her representative works include A Time Beyond Your Reach, Carmen, A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight, Spring Festival: Happiness, Anger, Love, Sorrow, Joy, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler and Goodnight, Melancholy.

夏笳,科幻作家,西安交通大学副教授。2004年开始发表科幻与奇幻小说,七次获 “银河奖”,四次入围“全球华语科幻星云奖”,作品被翻译为英、日、法、俄、藏、波兰、意大利等多种语言。英文小说 Let’s Have a Talk 发表于英国《自然》杂志科幻短篇专栏。代表作品《关妖精的瓶子》、《卡门》、《百鬼夜行街》、《童童的夏天》、《2044年春节旧事》、《龙马夜行》、《热岛》、《寒冬夜行人》、《晚安忧郁》等。


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