Belinda McKeon reflects on a year in reading

Belinda McKeon, the Sunday Independent Best Irish Newcomer of the Year, will be in town to talk with festival goers about her award-winning debut novel Solace. At another event, McKeon will discuss her writing process with fellow novelist Kjersti Skomsvold.

Like many writers, however, McKeon is more than a producer of writing. She is also a consumer of it.

McKeon was one of several writerly types who were invited by The Millions to share “ruminations, cheers, squibs, and essays” on the best book(s) they’d read in 2011.

McKeon’s picks?

Gillian Rose’s memoir Love Work, a “striking, honest, and tough-as-nails consideration of what it is to be alive among other people, and of what it is to then die.”


Jonathan Lethem’s non-fiction collection The Ecstasy of Influence, which “brilliantly dissected the various sulks, funks, and paranoias of being a writer who moans about doing writerly things – not least among them writing itself.”

Read the entire essay here.

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