Sold out - Second Yu Hua Book Talk Added March 11

Updated: This event has also sold out. Please check out the other events; we’re even adding a few more!

For those Yu Hua fans who were disappointed to find that tickets to the author’s event had sold out faster than train tickets during Spring Festival —  great news!

The acclaimed author of China in Ten Words and Brothers will be appearing in a newly added event to give his candid take on contemporary Chinese society.

In Chinese with English translation.

Hurry to The Bookworm for your chance to hear this literary master speak before tickets run out!

  • BLF Pick: Shieldwall

    Watch the Throne: Shieldwall
    Monday, 12 March 8pm
    England, 1016. The kingdom is burning at the hands of marauding Viking hordes. Warring factions fight over the dying king’s crown and chaos is afoot. The king’s son, Edmund and his right-hand man, the boy warrior Godwin, gather armies of monks, ploughmen and shepherds to rally against the invading Danes. Enemies from outside and foes from within threaten Godwin, as the final battle to determine England’s fate looms. Join us as Justin Hill discusses his epic Shieldwall.

  • BLF Pick: Belinda McKeon

    Irish author Belinda McKeon discusses her debut novel, Solace. Friday, 16 March 6pm.

  • BLF Pick: Cabaret

    Tuesday, 20 March 10pm
    Do you enjoy Broadway, Vaudeville, Le Chat Noir and many songs from the years gone by? ..Join Helena, Torbjorn and Alan as they perform some of the great Cabaret songs from the past 100 years. Expect Kurt Weill, George Gershwin, Noel Coward, Geoffrey Wright, Vernon Duke, Loesser, Benjamin Britten, Charles Ives, Menken, Kander and Ebb and much much more... Come laugh, Come cry.. Come sing with us...