Workshop: China Writing 14:00 21st Mar / The Opposite House: Green Room

Meyer, Michael

To our credit (and the exhaustion of our families back home), China expats tend to have great stories to tell. But taking these anecdotes out of the bar and onto the page is something that’s proven tough – but not so for Michael Meyer, whose captivating work The Last Days of Old Beijing won awards and earned him a Guggenheim Fellowship. His latest book, In Manchuria, continues his story, discussing the changing realities of life in rural Manchuria where he has lived for years. In this workshop Meyer will shed light on just how he turned his China experience into fascinating and bestselling non-fiction.

What you will learn:

•  How to identify which of your China stories are worth retelling, and transform them from verbal anecdote to compelling prose.
•  The art of creating suspense in non-fiction and keeping the narrative both entertaining and genuine.
•  How to ground your narrative in place, tying your characters and story to the geography, and letting that setting speak to your audience.

This workshop is at the Opposite House.

Price: 260 RMB

Event code: OH21B

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