Surviving the Past: Why We Need to Document Evil, Poverty and Suffering in the World 12:00 14th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

Award-winning Polish nonfiction writer and reporter Wojciech Tochman discusses societies coming to terms with the aftermath of conflict and poverty, focusing on his reportage from Bosnia, Rwanda, the Philippines, and the Syrian border. This event is brought to you in cooperation with the Cultural Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland. (English and Chinese)


老书虫, 3月14日星期六,12:00

波兰获奖纪实作家和记者Wojciech Tochman将就他在波斯尼亚,卢旺达,菲律宾和叙利亚边境的新闻报道,探讨被迫承受战争和贫穷带来的社会性后果。本次活动由波兰共和国领事馆文化部和老书虫共同推出。(中英文活动)

Price: 80 RMB

Event code: BW14B

  • Tickets are available at The Bookworm and online via Yoopay.