Writing Between the Sheets :: 床笫间的文学 12:00 15th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

Dabhoiwala, FaramerzZhang, LijiaMoser, David

Featuring: Faramerz DabhoiwalaJemimah SteinfeldLijia Zhang (张丽佳) | 老书虫, 3月15日星期日, 12:00

Sexual openness is still perceived by many in China as a toxic Western influence, or a flaw in moral character. Yet, increasingly, people are risking disapproval to embrace sexual liberty in its many forms. Why, and how? Join us for a discussion featuring Faramerz Dabhoiwala, author of The Origins of Sex; Lijia Zhang, whose novel Lotus focuses on prostitution in modern China; and Jemimah Steinfeld, whose book Little Emperors and Material Girls examines China’s sex and youth culture. Moderated by sinologist David Moser. This event is in English and Chinese.

性开放如今仍被许多中国人看作是来自西方的不良影响,甚至是道德的败坏。但与此同时,越来越多的人也在以不同的方式接受性解放,尽管这可能招来他人的反对。这是为什么,又是怎样发生的呢?请加入我们的讨论,听听三位知名作家的见解:《性的起源》的作者Faramerz Dabhoiwala;聚焦现代中国性行业的小说《Lotus》的作者张丽佳;以及关于中国的性和青年文化的《Little Emperors and Material Girls》的作者Jemimah Steinfeld。(中英文活动)

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