Rainbows in the Night: Chinese Contemporary Queer Writing and Filmmaking 16:00 15th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

Shou Juan

Featuring: Elisabeth Lund EngebretsenPopo Fan (范坡坡), Shou Juan (主持); moderated by James Yang (主持人)

China has a long history of queer literature and culture, from Long Yangjun to Jia Baoyu, the opera The Fragrant Companion to the movie Beijing Story. Recently, many works with strong LGBT themes have emerged, but few have entered the mainstream due to China’s publishing standards. How do authors and filmmakers in this genre push back against institutional challenges? What is their creation process, and how do they obtain feedback for their – as panelist Popo Fan puts it – “rainbows in the night”? Join our distinguished panel of writers and filmmakers for an eye-opening discussion on these and other issues. This event is in English and Chinese.

黑夜里的彩虹: 当代中国酷儿文学和电影

老书虫, 3月15日星期日,16:00

从龙阳君到贾宝玉,从戏曲《怜香伴》到电影《Beijing Story》,中国的酷儿文学和文化已有很长的历史。最近国内涌现出了许多与LGBT主题紧密相关的作品,但它们在出版准则的限制下尚未能走进主流社会。这个题材的作家和电影人是怎样克服制度上的约束的?他们的创作过程是怎样的,而这些被范坡坡称作“黑夜里的彩虹”的作品又如何获得反馈和评价呢?请加入这场让人大开眼界的讲坛,和几位优秀作家和电影人一起探讨这些问题。(中英文活动)

Price: 80 RMB

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