Communism in the UK :: 英国的“东方红” 13:00 19th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

Journalist Paul Anderson, author of the book Moscow Gold? The Soviet Union and the British Left, traces the history of Communism in the UK through its relationship with and perspective on the Soviet Union. In this talk, Anderson explores both the British Communists for whom Moscow could do no wrong as well as those British Communists who distanced themselves from or actively rejected the Soviet style. This event is in English and Chinese. Update, 3/18: This event is now English-only. 

记者Paul Anderson著有《Moscow Gold? The Soviet Union and the British Left》——一本通过讲述与前苏联的关系追溯英国共产主义历史的书。在今天的讲座上,Anderson将与大家探讨英国共产主义者中,与苏联为友和渐渐与苏联疏远甚至反对苏联作风的两派。(中英文活动)

老书虫, 3月19日星期四, 13:00

Price: 60 RMB

Event code: BW19B

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