Experience vs. Imagination :: 经历与想象力的对决 18:00 20th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

Poon, WenaLam, Vincent

Wena Poon writes mostly from imagination and research, as in Café Jause, about Jewish, Chinese, and Japanese expats cooperating in Shanghai on the eve of World War II; emergency doctor Vincent Lam writes from personal experience, as in Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures, which follows three young medical professionals. Which way is better? Join them and local poet / short story writer Jiang Yitan (The Statue of Clint Eastwood, Peking Lover) for a discussion about the pros and cons of “writing what you know” – or do not know. Moderated by Felicia Sonmez. This event is in English and Chinese.

Wena Poon主要靠想象力和研究资料来写作,比如她的《Café Jause》,就是一本以二战前夕的上海为背景,有关被放逐的犹太人、中国人、和日本人之间精心合作的小说。急诊医生Vincent Lam则是以亲身经历为素材写作,他的小说《Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures》讲述了年轻医务工作者的故事。哪一种写作方式更好呢?请与两位作家和中国诗人/短篇小说家蒋一谈(《伊斯特伍德的雕像》等书的作者)一起讨论写你知道和不知道事物的利与弊。(中英文活动)

老书虫, 3月20日星期五, 18:00

Price: 80 RMB

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