Tech in China 16:00 21st Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

Gartner, JoshNatkin, MarkJou, Eric

Featuring: Josh Gartner (senior director of international communications at, Kaiser Kuo (director of international communications at Baidu), Mark Natkin (founder and managing director of Beijing-based Marbridge Consulting) David Wolf (managing director of Allison+Partners’ Global China Practice)

Innovators, copycats, investors, hackers, gamers, and so many more who fall somewhere in between: welcome to the exhilarating, unpredictable, competitive, and often confounding world of tech in China. How has globalization affected Chinese tech? What’s the impact of government intervention and the Great Firewall? Is freedom necessary for innovation? What unique challenges do start-ups face? What does the future hold for tech giants such as Alibaba, Xiaomi, and Sina? Industry leaders convene in this star-studded panel to discuss, debate, and disabuse. Moderated by Eric Jou.

Update: Due to a work conflict, David Wolf will be unable to attend.

Price: 80 RMB

Event code: BW21D

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