A Foreign Affair: Australia’s Relationship with Asia 14:00 22nd Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

Kelly, PaulWarren, Christopher

Political journalist, author, TV and radio commentator, and editor-at-large for The Australian, Paul Kelly has been writing about Australian politics for more than 40 years. His seventh and latest such work, Triumph and Demise, is an award-winning examination of the leadership tensions at the heart of the Rudd-Gillard Labour Government. In this talk Kelly will tackle the increasingly important relationships between Asia and its closest “Western” neighbor, Australia, specifically on the issues of the free trade agreement, press freedom, politics, and security. Moderated by Chris Warren. This event is in English and Chinese.

外交事务: 澳大利亚与亚洲的关系

老书虫, 3月22日星期日, 14:00

Paul Kelly身兼记者,作家,电视电台主持人及《澳洲人报》特约编辑等多重职务,已用文字记录澳洲政坛40余年。他的第七本也是最新一本同类获奖作品《Triumph and Demise》审视了陆克文-吉拉德工党政权中心的领导层矛盾。在本次讲座中,Kelly将分析日渐重要的澳亚关系,并着重讲述关于自由贸易协定,新闻自由,政治和安全方面的问题。(中英文活动

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