The Female Voice in Contemporary Chinese Art 12:00 29th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

Eschenburg, MadelineLarson, Ellen

Tinari, Philip

Performance art has functioned as an important vehicle for contemporary Chinese artists since the early 1980s. Performance artists use their bodies as intermediaries, engaging in dialogue between the individual and the collective, and addressing their own value, gender, and voice. They make the conscious decision to stand at the periphery, creating work that is essentially unsellable but that responds authentically to contemporary society. Join art historians and curators Madeline Eschenburg and Ellen Larson (who run the blog Open Ground) along with UCCA director Philip Tinari and artists Xiao Lu and Sun Shaokun as they discuss the significance of female performance in contemporary Chinese art. This event is in English and Chinese.

This event is brought to you with the kind support of Sigma Gallery.


老书虫, 3月29日星期日, 12:00

行为艺术自1980年代初期起就已是中国当代艺术重要的表现形式之一。行为艺术家们以他们的身体为媒介,与个人和集体展开对话,并表达他们自己的价值观,性别和声音。他们有意识的选择站在边缘,创造出并无商业价值但却能真实反映当代社会的作品。让我们和艺术史学家及博物馆长Madeline Eschenburg、Ellen Larson,UCCA的总管Philip Tinari,艺术家孙少坤和肖鲁一起,探讨女性行为艺术在当代中国艺术界的重要性。(中英文活动)

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