The Three Leaps of Wang Lun

The Three Leaps of Wang Lun, Alfred Döblin’s first attempt at extended fiction, astonished, bewildered, and captivated German readers on its publication in 1916. The highly original style, exotic setting, and significant theme earned it a major literary prize, and a reputation as the first modern novel in German. Chris Godwin’s translation — the first into English — was published 25 years ago. A new edition appeared this January. This evening, Godwin will outline some of the major aspects of Döblin’s classic and suggest approaches to help readers enjoy its many riches. Time permitting, he’ll also give a reading of a short episode omitted from the published work, which he has just translated. He’ll be joined on stage by Wei Luo, professor in the Institute of German Studies at Peking University. Moderated by Benno Wagner, professor in the German Department of the Beijing Institute of Technology. This event is at iQiyi.(English and Chinese)

爱奇艺咖啡, 3月27日星期五, 18:00

《The Three Leaps of Wang Lun》是作家Alfred Döblin初次尝试创作的长篇小说。它于1916年首次出版时就在德国读者中引起了强烈的反响。这部作品独特的风格,充满异国情调的背景,以及主题的重要性让它获得了当时的主流文学奖,并被认为是德国历史上第一部现代小说。25年前,Chris Godwin第一次将这部小说翻译成了英语,而该译作的新版本也于今年1月刚刚出版。今晚Godwin将会为大家介绍Döblin经典之作中最核心的几个方面,并向读者们推荐最适宜的阅读方式。如果时间允许,他还将朗读几段在出版作品中被删节的内容。同时参与的还有北京大学德国研究中心的教授罗炜。本活动由北京理工大学德语系教授Benno Wagner主持。本活动在爱奇艺咖啡举行。(中英文活动)

Price: 60 RMB

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