KIDS [6+]: Chinese Children’s Event 14:00 28th Mar / iQiYi

Tove Appelgren is an author and theater director who has written scripts for various theaters and radio as well as lyrics for children’s music. Her much-loved Vesta-Linnea books depict ordinary family life with a humorous twist. The books have sold tens of thousands of copies in nearly 10 countries so far. In 2010 Appelgren was nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. This event is tailored to Chinese-speaking audiences. This event is at iQiyi. (English and Chinese)

6岁以上儿童: 中文儿童活动

爱奇艺咖啡, 3月28日星期六, 14:00

Tove Appelgren是一位作家和戏剧导演,同时写有多部戏剧和广播剧本和儿童音乐歌词。她倍受欢迎的淘气女孩林妮娅系列童书生动幽默的描绘了普通的家庭生活。这个系列已经在全世界近10个国家畅销,而Appelgren本人也得到了林格伦文学奖的提名。本活动是专为说中文的观众们准备,请小朋友和家长们切勿错过!本活动在爱奇艺咖啡举行。(中英文活动)

Price: 60 RMB

Event code: IQ28C

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