Workshop: Personal Poetry 10:00 15th Mar / The Opposite House: Green Room

Clarke, Maxine Beneba

Maxine Beneba Clarke, an Australian writer of Afro-Caribbean descent, draws heavily from her experiences and identity in her poetry. In this workshop, Clarke will guide you through the art of making poetry speak with a voice wholly your own, while tackling the issues that come from within in reaction to modern life and contemporary society.

What you will learn:

•  How to find the parts of the world that most resonate with you, about which you have something to say.
•  Ways to write that carry your identity in every word.
•  Why poetry is as relevant today as it ever was, and still a powerful literary form.
•  How to master the different poetic forms, and the structure and freedoms each afford.

This workshop is at the Opposite House.

Price: 260 RMB

Event code: OH15A

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