Workshop: Adventure Writing 14:00 15th Mar / The Opposite House: Green Room

Cope, Tim

Work with award-winning travel writer and documentary maker Tim Cope to turn your journey into more than just a travel tale. Drawing on the challenges he faced while writing the award-winning On The Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic Journey Through The Land of the Nomads and making of a film series of the same title, Cope will teach you the importance of shaping your writing through theme and weaving your personal narrative with the people and history you encounter.

What you will learn:

•  Through Cope’s backstory, you will learn what it takes to fulfill a book-writing project from research, travel, drafting and editing to eventual publication and broadcast.
•  Why strong storytelling is always the key to engaging with an audience, no matter what format.
•  How to break out of chronology and take command of time structure, including the use of foreshadowing.
•  The importance of shaping according to theme, e.g., how to use historical, personal, geographical, and political themes to provide context, and to frame.
•  How to weave a series of parallel stories and themes together.

This workshop is at the Opposite House.

Price: 260 RMB

Event code: OH15B

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