Workshop: Travel Writing 12:00 22nd Mar / The Opposite House: Green Room

Clare, Horatio

Welsh writer Horatio Clare is the author of two travel books, A Single Swallow, which chronicles his attempt to follow the migration of a swallow from the UK to South Africa, and his latest, Down to the Sea in Ships, about his various journeys throughout the world on cargo vessels. In this workshop Clare will guide writers through the processes and unique challenges involved in travel writing, adding some of his personal insights along the way.

What you will learn:

•  How to come up with and plan a journey to captivate audiences.
•  The art of note-taking and diary-writing on the road to make sure every tale and anecdote survives unreliable memory.
•  Ways to engage and create a one-way rapport with your reader.

This workshop is at The Opposite House.

Price: 260 RMB

Event code: OH22A

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