That Damned Thing She Said 16:00 12th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

That Damned Thing

Abrahamson, EricHaysom, DaveKaroline KanNick Stember

Eric Abrahamsen, Dave Haysom, Karoline Kan, Nick Stember

For more than six months, Paper Republic has been publishing free-to-read stories each week on the Web. With International Women’s Day in mind, Read Paper Republic has selected four short stories from China that focus on highly charged issues such as sexual freedom, political disappearances, “leftover” women, and compromising situations. These will be used as the basis for “speed bookclubbing”: audience members will be divided into four groups that will cycle between simultaneous small-scale moderated discussions. You can download and read the pieces beforehand from Paper Republic.

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The Bookworm 4 pm

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