Journalism with Chinese Characteristics :: 在中国的新闻 16:00 13th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

David BandurskiMarcus Ryder

David Bandurski, etc.; moderated by Marcus Ryder (UPDATE: Raymond Zhou can no longer attend this event.)

Finding sources, verifying facts, sifting truth from hearsay: journalism is hard enough, but doing it in China – for Chinese publications – presents a whole new set of challenges. It’s worth asking: what exactly is journalism in China, especially with so many voices competing for attention and credibility in the digital sphere? Our panelists include David Bandurski, researcher at China Media Project and co-author of Investigative Journalism in China, a book of eight cases on Chinese watchdog journalism; and Raymond Zhou, senior writer for China Daily and longtime film, theater, and culture critic. Moderated by veteran BBC news executive Marcus Ryder, currently Chief International Digital Media Editor for CCTV.

做一名记者已经足够难了 – 从传言中寻找来源,从留言中找到事实。但是在中国,为中国的媒体做一名记者,是完全不同的挑战。二十一世纪的中国,太多的网络媒体在竞争的今天,什么才是新闻呢?我们请来的人包括David Bandurski,中国传媒项目(China Media Project)的一位研究员和Investigative Journalism in China(一本收收入了八起“看门狗新闻学”的案例的书)的合著者;还有Raymond Zhou,中国日报的高级编辑和资深的电影、话剧和文化批评家。主持人是前BBC新闻主管Marcus Ryder,现在是CCTV的首席国际数字媒体编辑。

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