Innovation and Imitation in China :: 中国的创新与模仿 12:00 19th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

Christina LarsonEdmond LococoJosh Chin

Christina Larson, Edmond Lococo, Kaiser Kuo, moderated by Josh Chin

Every sector seeks innovation, but what does it actually entail? From Baidu’s plans for autonomous vehicles to micro-entrepreneurs and their ingenious do-everything apps, innovation is all around us – and yet, limitations also remain very real. Christina Larson, a contributing correspondent for Science magazine, writes about science, technology, and culture for such magazines as MIT Technology Review, Fast Company, and Bloomberg Businessweek; Edmond Lococo is senior vice president for public relations at ICR, which counsels companies in tech, consumer, and industrial growth; and Kaiser Kuo is director of international communications at Baidu and host of the Sinica podcast. Moderated by Wall Street Journal reporter Josh Chin.

这个年代似乎谁都在讲创新,但是创新究竟什么意思?从百度研究无人驾驶机动车的计划到每一个咖啡馆都能看到的应用开发创业者 – 我们周围创新的例子太多了。但是创新的同时我们也不断看到十分现实的限制。我们邀请到了:Science杂志和Bloomberg BusinessWeek的作者Christina Larson,她写的内容包括科学、技术和文化等;ICR(一个做技术、消费者和工业生产的顾问公司)的副主席Edmond Locco;还有百度的国际交流主任和Sinica播客的主持人Kaiser Kuo。

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