Minority Matters: Focus on Ethnicity in Chinese Culture :: 关于中国的少数民族 10:00 20th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

Li DanMar 04, 2009 Xinran is a Chinese author. Her book is The Good women of China. FYI she has one painted fingernail .. not sure of significance ..if any. Toronto Star/Michael StuparykTsering DromaJocelyn Ford

Li Dan, Xinran, Tsering Droma; moderated by Jocelyn Ford (UPDATE: Due to a scheduling conflict, Sonthar Gyal can no longer attend this event.)

China officially recognizes 56 ethnic groups, from the Ewenki of Inner Mongolia (only 30,000) to the majority Han (about 92 percent of the population), who exist in various states of conflict and cooperation. This panel takes a look at some of China’s ethnic issues, including various policies that both protect and erode the customs and traditions of the country’s lesser-known ethnic minorities.

This event will be in Chinese with English interpretation. 


This event is part of our China Future Perfect series, 13 panel discussions that take a deeper look at contemporary Chinese society. Buy 3 tickets to China Future Perfect events, get 1 free to any China Future Perfect event.

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The Bookworm 10 am

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