Crime and Vice 12:00 20th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

The Feng Shui Detective

Qiu Xiaolong thumbnailNury VittachiRobert Foyle Hunwick

Qiu Xiaolong, Nury Vittachi; moderated by Robert Foyle Hunwick

Two renowned crime novelists share the stage to discuss when a crime novel is about more than just crime. Nury Vittachi’s The Feng Shui Detective – which has been translated into multiple languages and published worldwide – is a “comedy-crime” series of novels that explore ideological and cultural differences between East and West. Qiu Xiaolong’s Inspector Chen series of detective novels explores deeper issues within contemporary Chinese society, including corruption throughout all levels of government. Moderated by Robert Foyle Hunwick, a former HarperCollins crime editor who is working on a book about vice and crime in China.

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