Spotlight on Africa 14:00 20th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing


Lieve JorisLiang ZiKabu Okai-Davies thumbnailHannah Ryder

Lieve Joris, Liang Zi, Kabu Okai-Davies; moderated by Hannah Ryder

The China-Africa relationship is a complex, fascinating subject, one that our panelists know well. Lieve Joris is the author of On The Wings of The Dragon, about her journeys between Africa and China, written after she immersed herself in the world of Africans and Chinese who ventured into each other’s territory; Kabu Okai-Davies is a Ghanaian-Australian writer whose work often deals with issues of culture and identity; and Liang Zi is a photographer who has traveled to Africa a dozen times, and is the first female photographer from China to explore African tribal culture. Moderated by Hannah Ryder, Head of Policy and Partnerships for United Nations Development Programme China.

Photo credit: Liang Zi

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