Poetry in Translation :: 翻译中的诗歌 18:00 24th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

Yi ShaMatthew Byrne

Yves Laplace, Yi Sha, etc.; hosted by Matthew Byrne

This event is held in conjunction with Spittoon, a monthly poetry night founded by Matthew Byrne, which contains a poetry-in-translation segment that seeks to unlock the secrets of poetry written in languages other than English. The narrative and meaning of the poetry is explored through translation, and the real music behind the poetry is highlighted through authentic readings in the original language of the poems. This event will feature readings from foreigners and locals, headlined by French-speaking Swiss author Yves Laplace and Chinese poet Yi Sha, who is regarded as one of the most influential poets in China, having been described as the Chinese Allen Ginsberg and “the greatest avant-garde in China.”

本次活动与Spittoon一起举行。由Matthew Byrne创办的诗歌之夜包含了诗歌翻译的环节,旨在解开非英语写作诗歌的秘密。通过翻译去探索诗歌中的故事和意义,原作中诗句背后的音律通过朗诵变得更加精彩。这次活动将由瑞士作家Yves Laplace和中国的诗人伊沙一起,分别用法语和中文进行诗歌朗诵。伊沙是中国最具影响力的诗人之一和”中国最伟大的先锋派“,被形容为中国的Allen Ginsberg。

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The Bookworm 6 pm

Event code: BW24C

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