The Future for Civil Society and Philanthropy in China :: 中国慈善事业和公民社会的未来 13:00 25th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

China's Civil Society

Chloé FroissartKatherine Wilhelm

Chloé Froissart, Li Li; moderated by Katherine Wilhelm

Civil society is defined as the “third sector” of society, outside of government and business. It’s a country’s social sphere, and often can contribute as significantly to a country’s stability as its state or market. How do we define China’s civil society, whose very existence relies upon the state, and whose health is closely tied with the strength of the market? For those working in China’s civil society and philanthropy sectors, what challenges do they face, and how might they overcome them? 

This event is part of our China Future Perfect series, 13 panel discussions that take a deeper look at contemporary Chinese society. Buy 3 tickets to China Future Perfect events, get 1 free to any China Future Perfect event.


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The Bookworm 1 pm

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