In Conversation with a Literary Pioneer 18:00 25th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

Isolda Morillo

Yang Li, moderated by Isolda Morillo

“I remember, I swear: it was the summer of ’74,” writes Yang Li in the poem “Albania. “We had just turned 12 and thought what he’d said outrageously reactionary.” Reactionary wouldn’t be the best way to describe Yang Li – considered one of the most prominent members of China’s avant-garde poetry movement – but he certainly draws reactions. In the 1980s he was one of the founding members of the hugely influential “Fei Fei” poetry project, often translated as the “Not-Not” movement. His poems touch the most banal and personal everyday life events, and sometimes his sexual life takes the center of his prose and stories. With this he seems to attempt to escape moral codes and semantic conventions, finding poetical purity by going to the basics of language. Isolda Morillo, an AP reporter who has published poetry in Chinese, will direct this conversation, which will feature short readings.

This event will be in Chinese with English interpretation.

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The Bookworm 6 pm

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