The Arts Alive: Identity and New Media in Contemporary Chinese Art :: 现代中国艺术中的新媒体 10:00 26th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

Ju Anqi

Ju Anqi

Tian Xiaolei’s work

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Ju Anqi, Tian Xiaolei; moderated by Ellen Larson

Ellen Larson, editor of the Open Ground art blog, will lead a discussion with emerging Beijing-based artists. Together they will discuss current happenings within Beijing’s vibrant, diverse, and rapidly evolving contemporary art world, introducing viewers to innovative and exciting new trends. Members of the panel will discuss the intersection between their work and contemporary Chinese society, taking inspiration from everyday life experiences, memory, tradition, and the increasingly significant role of technology. Ju Anqi is a filmmaker whose There’s a Strong Wind in Beijing was nominated at the Berlin Film Festival as a milestone in experimental Chinese film, while Tian Xiaolei is a digital artist whose video shorts and animations have received accolades from the Odense International Film Festival and Berlin Interfilm International Short Film Festival.

This event will be in Chinese with English interpretation.

Opengroundblog.com的主编Ellen Larson会带领这个和背景艺术家的讨论。他们会讨论北京不断变化的艺术世界的历史和动态。每一位艺术家会讨论他们的工作和中国现代社会的交集:他们如何从生活经历、回忆、传统和(越来越多的)技术中寻找灵感进行创作。Ju Anqi是以为制片人,他的There’s a Strong Wind in Beijing获得了柏林电影节的提名,称之为“中国试验片的一个里程碑”。Tan Xiaolei是一位数码艺术家,他的短片和动画获得了欧登塞国际电影节和柏林国际短片影展的赞扬。这是一个带英文翻译的中文讨论。

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The Bookworm 10 am

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