The Hazards and Thrills of Literary Translation 16:00 26th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

Zhiling Gao thumbnailHan YujooYi ShaKelly Falconer

Zhiling Gao, Han Yujoo, Yi Sha; moderated by Kelly Falconer

Translating a text requires deconstructing it at every level. Vladimir Nabokov, in his essay “The Art of Translation,” outlines the various pitfalls that threaten every translator, and deduces three requirements that good translators must fulfill. The third of those: “…while having genius and knowledge he must possess the gift of mimicry and be able to act, as it were, the real author’s part by impersonating his tricks of demeanor and speech, his ways and his mind, with the utmost degree of verisimilitude.” It’s a difficult and humbling task, one that our panel of literary translators knows well. How do they do it, and why?

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The Bookworm 4 pm

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