Chinese Filmmaking: From the Indies to Hollywood :: 中国电影:从独立到好莱坞 10:00 27th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

China Film Panel - Old Dog

Julie MakinenJenny Man WuClifford Coonan

Julie Makinen, Pema Tseden, Jenny Man Wu, Raymond Zhou, Bai Budan; moderated by Clifford Coonan (UPDATE: Raymond Zhou can no longer attend this event.) (UPDATE 2: Pema Tseden can no longer attend; he will be replaced by filmmaker Bai Budan.)

While China’s major film studios continue looking to Hollywood for inspiration – and continue to fast-track projects to capture the attention of foreign audiences – a quiet revolution is happening back home, as a record number of independent films and documentaries are being made every year, screened at small festivals, impromptu theaters, and art houses. What’s the current status of China’s vast filmmaking industry? How does it compare, both internationally and to its own ambitions? And what are the biggest issues confronting Chinese filmmakers and producers today? This panel includes Pema Tseden, an award-winning Tibetan filmmaker (The Search, Tharlo, etc.); Raymond Zhou, a film critic who’s been called “Beijing’s answer to Roger Ebert”; Julie Makinen, former film editor at the Los Angeles Times; and Jenny Man Wu, a filmmaker, film festival organizer, and project manager at a China-Europe coproduction association; moderated by former Hollywood Reporter contributor Clifford Coonan.

当中国的主流制片厂全部都模仿好莱坞的时候,一场革命正在地下进行。独立影片和纪录片的数量每年都在破纪录,而越来越多的中国独立影片在电影节、小剧场和艺术馆播放。中国电影产业现在的状态究竟怎样呢?而中国的电影产业与其他国家的电影产业有什么不同而有什么相似之处呢?制片人现在面临的最大的挑战又是什么呢?我们邀请到了:获奖西藏制片人Pema Tseden(The Search, Tharlo 等);被称为“北京对Roger Ebert的回应”的Raymond Zhou;前洛杉矶时报的电影编辑Julie Makinen;还有制片人、电影节策划和中国欧洲的联合制片公司的项目经理Jenny Man Wu。主持人是前Hollywood Reporter作者Clifford Coonan。

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