China’s Future Perfect :: 中国将来完成时 16:00 27th Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

China's Future Perfect 1

Hu XingdouMelinda LiuMoser, DavidJoerg Wuttke thumbnailAlan Babington-Smith

Hu Xingdou, Melinda Liu, David Moser, Joerg Wuttke, moderated by Alan Babington-Smith | The Bookworm | BW27D | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

What kind of future is China building, and what role can we all play? Now is the time for big and bold ideas. This Future Perfect discussion will summarize all the themes previously explored in the 13-event China Future Perfect series, then try to answer the hardest question of them all: how does this country create the cleanest, most stable, innovative, and sustainable future for itself? A historian, a journalist, an academic, and a financial expert will speculate.

Brought to you in cooperation with the Royal Asiatic Society, Beijing.

中国在建造怎样的未来?而我们都能如何参与其中呢?我们会利用这次讨论交流最大胆的想法。这次将总结之前中国将来完成时系列中所有的讨论并且尝试回答这个核心问题:这个国家如何为自己创造最干净、稳定、创新、稳定的未来?一位历史学家、一位记者、一位研究者和一位经济学家将参加讨论。感谢Roya Asiatic Society Beijing。

This event is part of our China Future Perfect series, 13 panel discussions that take a deeper look at contemporary Chinese society. Buy 3 tickets to China Future Perfect events, get 1 free to any China Future Perfect event.

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The Bookworm 4 pm

Event code: BW27D

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