In Conversation with Xinran 19:00 19th Mar

The Good Women of ChinaBuy Me the Sky 2

Mar 04, 2009 Xinran is a Chinese author. Her book is The Good women of China. FYI she has one painted fingernail .. not sure of significance ..if any. Toronto Star/Michael StuparykJoe McKee

Xinran, moderated by Joe McKee

Xue Xinran, who writes under the pen name Xinran, is a British-Chinese journalist, author, and advocate of women’s issues. She will talk about her books – including international bestseller The Good Women of China and her latest, Buy Me the Sky, about China’s one-child generation – and her other work, past and present. Moderated by Joe McKee, Dulwich College Beijing Academic Director.

This event will be held at Dulwich College Beijing, one of BLF 2016’s main sponsors.

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Dulwich College Beijing 7 pm

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