Knocked Up Abroad 18:00 13th Mar / iQiYi

Charlotte Edwards-ZhangVanessa JencksRuth Silbermayr-SongSwift, EmberTheresa Ahdieh

Charlotte Edwards-Zhang, Vanessa Jencks, Ruth Silbermayr-Song, Ember Swift; moderated by Theresa Ahdieh

Pregnancy and childbirth are exciting and life-changing events. When experienced in a foreign country, the adventure takes countless unexpected twists and turns as mothers must navigate foreign languages, customs, and healthcare practices. Knocked Up Abroad: Stories of Pregnancy, Birth, and Raising a Family in a Foreign Country will take readers on an exciting journey through 24 different countries. In each of the unique stories in Knocked Up Abroad, the concepts of family and love translate into every language and are uniquely celebrated. Ember Swift, a contributing writer in the anthology, will present an excerpt alongside three other expat writing moms (Vanessa Jencks, Charlotte Edwards-Zhang, and Ruth Silbermayr-Song). Moderated by Theresa Ahdieh.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

Price: 50 RMB  Purchase Online

iQiyi 6 pm

Event code: IQ13

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  • Tickets are available at The Bookworm and online via Yoopay.