Travel Writing as Literature 14:00 19th Mar / iQiYi

The Rebels' HourOn the Wings of the Dragon

Lieve JorisKathleen McLaughlin

Lieve Joris, moderated by Tomasz Sajewicz Kathleen McLaughlin

Lieve Joris has spent a great deal of her life traveling, and she has the books to show for it. In 1985 she set sail to the former Belgian colony of Congo, where her great-uncle had been a missionary. Congo became a recurring theme in her work, leading successively to Back to the Congo, The Leopard’s Dance, The Rebels’ Hour, and The High Plains. Her travels through the Arab world and her friendship with the Syrian woman Hala led to The Gates of Damascus, an intimate portrait of life in the Syrian capital. Her journeys between Africa and China resulted in her latest work, On the Wings of the Dragon. Wherever she goes, Joris immerses herself in the local culture, living in people’s houses (sometimes huts), adapting to their pace of life. She’ll explain how she does it, and discuss the rewards – and challenges – of the process.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

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iQiyi 2 pm

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