Finding India in China 18:00 20th Mar / iQiYi

Finding India in China

Daniel Ho

Anurag Viswanath, moderated by Daniel Ho

Anurag Viswanath’s debut book is a whirlwind journey across China, slicing through preconceptions and shibboleths through her diverse interactions — with Muslim housewives in Xinjiang, Mongols dressing up for tourism, academics, baijiu-loving party officials, restless migrant workers, and more. In this talk, Viswanath will provide an Indian’s perspective on China – there is little understanding or scholarship about China in India, and yet the countries are similar in their vastness and underappreciated diversity, from the “orphan colony” of Jews in Kaifeng and Cochin to internal migration and pockets of discontent. As one reviewer notes about Finding India in China, “With a scholar’s depth, a journalist’s eye for the detail and a story-teller’s wit, Anurag Viswanath takes the reader to intimate arenas of living history through Indian parallels and presents a uniquely insightful treatise on contemporary China.”

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

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iQiyi 6 pm

Event code: IQ20C

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