Han Ying, Zhu Wei, Ma Xiaoming

moderated by Josh Chin

Tuesday, March 20, 1 pm | 60 RMB - purchase link

Ambitious Chinese government plans call for the harnessing of data to supercharge everything from online shopping to public security. What does Beijing’s vision of a data-driven future mean for the privacy of the country’s 730 million internet users? In this panel, Ying Han from the United States Information Technology Office; Ma Xiaoming, a legal expert from Sohu; and Zhu Wei, a legal scholar who advises the Chinese government on internet policy, join moderator Josh Chin (Wall Street Journal) to discuss how China’s approach to personal data compares with the U.S. and elsewhere, and its implications for Chinese citizens, tech companies and the future of internet culture here.

Han Ying is a policy director at USITO. She currently heads up the Cybersecurity Working Group and leads the Emerging Technology Initiative, and is specialized in cybersecurity, data, privacy, and encryption related policies. In her role, she extensively works with world leading technology companies, has a profound understanding of the policy issues, and proactively engages with policy makers to communicate industry voice and help improve policy outcome. Han Ying has extensive experience in ICT sector from her previous position as a Trade Commissioner covering ICT and Digital Media sector in Embassy of Canada, and her educational background focusing on telecom and internet research. Han Ying holds a M.S. degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Iowa State University, and a BA degree in English and Minor degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT).

Zhu Wei is vice-director of the Research Center on Communications Law at China University of Politics and Law. He has a PhD in legal studies from Renmin University of China and is a member of the Beijing Internet Society’s Working Committee on Law. He also works as an expert at the Cybersecurity Innovation Center at People’s Public Security University of China and serves as an advisor to the government on various aspects of internet law, in addition to making frequent media appearances as authority on internet policy.

Josh Chin is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal in Beijing. He has worked as a journalist in China on and off of the past fifteen years. He has covered a wide range of topics in that time, including most recently the politics of China’s emergence as tech power.

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