Rob Schmitz and Luo Xin, moderated by Jeremiah Jenne
Friday, March 9, 8 pm | 60 RMB- purchase link

In his recent book, Street of Eternal Happiness: Big City Dreams Along a Shanghai Road, National Public Radio’s Rob Schmitz painted a portrait of contemporary Shanghai through the eyes of people living on a single city street. For his latest book, A Walk from Beijing to Xanadu: Rediscovering China on Ancient Trails, historian and author Luo Xin walked the 450 kms from Beijing, to Xanadu in Inner Mongolia, retracing a well-worn path taken by Yuan Dynasty emperors 800 years previously. In both books, the authors weave historical facts and personal observations in with the stories and people they encountered along the way. Join Rob Schmitz and Luo Xin as they discuss how they hit the streets and developed these critically acclaimed creative non-fiction titles.

This event will be consecutively translated in English and Chinese.


Rob Schmitz,罗新,主持人 Jeremiah Jenne

3月9日(星期五),晚八点 | 60 RMB | BW9-8

美国国家公共广播电台的Rob Schmitz在他的新作Street of Eternal Happiness: Big City Dreams Along a Shanghai Road中,通过居住在一条城市街道上的人们的视角,描绘出一幅当代上海的肖像画。历史学家与作家罗新从“大都”——如今的北京出发,徒步450公里,来到内蒙古的上都,追溯了800年前元代皇帝所走之路,写作旅行记《从大都到上都:在古道上重新发现中国》。在这两本书中,作者将历史掌故,所思所想,与路途所遇之人,所见之事,都娓娓道来。Rob Schmitz将和罗新一同探讨与分享,他们是如何走入街头,写作出这些广受赞誉并极具创造力的非虚构作品的。


Rob Schmitz is the Shanghai Correspondent for National Public Radio. Previously, he was the China correspondent for American Public Media’s Marketplace. He has reported on a range of topics illustrating China’s role in the global economy, including trade, politics, the environment, education, and labor. In 2012, Schmitz exposed fabrications in Mike Daisey’s account of Apple’s Chinese supply chain on This American Life, and his report headlined that show’s much-discussed “Retraction” episode. The work was a finalist for the 2012 Investigative Reporters and Editors Award. He has won two national Edward R. Murrow Awards and an award from the Education Writers Association for his reporting on China. Schmitz first arrived to the country in 1996 as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Sichuan province.

Luo Xin, born in 1963, has a PhD in History, is a Professor at Peking University, and is a widely published academic author. His main research fields are Chinese ancient history and ancient Chinese border history. He studied at Harvard University, Indiana University, Princeton and in Turkey. In 2017, he published an essay collection called From Dadu to Shangdu. Researching this book, he walked the 450 kms from “Dadu”, which is modern day Beijing, to Shangdu in Inner Mongolia, retracing a well-worn path taken by Yuan Dynasty emperors 800 years previously. In the essays in this book he writes about the ancient history – which as an academic in this field he was familiar with – and merges that with personal reflections and the contemporary life he encountered along the route.

Jeremiah Jenne is a writer and educator based in Beijing since 2002. He has taught Late Imperial and Modern Chinese History at the IES Abroad Program for over 10 years and has written extensively on China and Chinese history for a number of publications including The Economist, Radii China, LA Review of Books China Channel, The Beijinger, and the World of Chinese. His work can be found in the anthologies China in 2008: A Year of Great SignificanceThe Insider’s Guide to Beijing, and the 2015 collection While We’re Here: China Stories from a Writer’s Colony. He is also the proprietor of Beijing by Foot, which organizes educational programs and historic walking tours of Beijing’s most famous sites and hidden by-ways. You can follow him on Twitter @jeremiahjenne or online at jeremiahjenne.com.

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