Ren Xiaowen, Zhang Lijia, Yuan Ling

moderated by Dave Haysom

Sunday, March 25, 6 pm | 60 RMB - purchase link

Today we welcome three highly talented writers to talk about how and why they got into a writing career, how they choose their next literary challenges, and what highs and lows they encounter in their writing lives. Ren Xiaowen’s latest book The Good Woman Song Meiyong has met with critical acclaim and garnered several awards for her lyrical fictional style and rich historical context. Zhang Lijia has shown her versatility as a writer with an award-winning memoir Socialism Is Great!, followed up last year with a deftly written and sensitive novel Lotus, about a young prostitute’s struggles in contemporary China. Yuan Ling has won several awards for his non-fiction titles and this year his debut story collection The World will be published by Sight·Citic Press.

This event will be consecutively translated in English and Chinese.


主持人 Dave Haysom

3月25日(星期日),晚六点 | 60 RMB | BW26-6

今天我们欢迎三位才华横溢的作家,来谈一谈他们是为什么以及怎样步入写作生涯的,如何选择接下来的文学挑战,和写作中所经历的高潮与低谷。任晓雯的新书《好人宋没用》因其抒情的小说风格和丰富的历史内涵而备受好评,揽获众多奖项。张丽佳通过其获奖回忆录Socialism Is Great! 充分展现了她身为作家的多才多艺。去年,她又以娴熟的笔触和细腻的情感创作了Lotus这部小说,讲述一个年轻妓女在当代中国的挣扎求存。袁凌在非虚构写作领域屡获奖项,今年,他的首部中篇小说集《世界》将由中信大方出版。


Ren Xiaowen was born in 1978 and she got her Master’s Degree in Journalism from Fudan University in Shanghai. She is the author of the novels, Them and On the Island, as well as On the Balcony, a collection of short stories. In 2017 her novel The Good Woman Song Meiyong was published by the Beijing October Literary Publishing House and met with critical acclaim and won several awards. Her unusual fictional style combines a deep knowledge of traditional Chinese literature, the incisiveness of an academically-trained mind, and a lyrical sense of style. Her works have been translated into many languages, including Swedish, English, Italian, French and Russian.


Yuan Ling is an award-winning writer who has published several influential books and reports. He was born in 1973 and graduated from the Department of Chinese in Fudan University. His non-fiction works include Moss will Not Disappear, Ninety-Nine Ways to Die, From the Birthplace and Walking through Tang Poetry. He has won numerous awards for his writing including the Tencent College Non-Fiction Literary Award 2015, the 2017 Beijing Autobiography Young Artist Award, the Annual Chinese Good Book Award, the 2017 Sina Top 10 Good Books, and he won the Tencent Annual Feature Award twice. His first work of fiction, a story collection called The World, will be published by Sight·Citic Press in June this year.


Lijia Zhang is a factory-worker-turned writer, social commentator and public speaker. Her articles have appeared in The Guardian, The South China Morning Post, Newsweek and The New York Times. She is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir Socialism Is Great!, about her rocket factory experience, and the novel Lotus, about prostitution in contemporary China. She is the recipient of a prestigious fellowship in the International Writer’s Program at the University of Iowa.

Dave Haysom (www.spittingdog.net) has been living and working in Beijing since 2007. Managing editor of Pathlight magazine since 2014, he helped launch the Read Paper Republic project in 2015 and became editor-in-chief of Books From Taiwan’s Asian Edition in 2017. His translations and essays on contemporary Chinese literature have appeared in publications including Asymptote, Words Without Borders, Granta, and The Millions.

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