Fiona Wright, Liu Li Duo

Saturday, March 17, 12 Noon | 60 RMB - purchase link

“The world seems to shrink, just as the body does, and by doing so it seems to come back under our command.” Fiona Wright’s most recent collection of essays, Small Acts of Disappearance, details her experience with an eating disorder – her attempt, through the exercise of hunger and reduction of the physical self, to regain some measure of control over the world. Wright is also an accomplished poet, and she is joined tonight by Liu Liduo, a young Chinese poet and writer whose most recent book is a collection of more than seventy short-shorts on love and the city. In today’s event they discuss the appeal of short form – the exercise and abandonment of control, the fascination with detail, and the beauty of the self-contained miniature. 

This event will be consecutively translated in English and Chinese.


Fiona Wright,刘丽朵

3月17日(星期六),中午十二点 | 60 RMB | BW17-12

『恰在身体变小时,世界也像变小了,由此,我们好像得回对它的控制。』Fiona Wright近期的散文集《小小的消失》,详细描述了她的饮食失调经历——她尝试通过对饥饿的掌控、对肉体的弱化,重新得回某种对世界的控制。Wright还是一位出色的诗人,今晚她与一位年轻的中国诗人、作家刘丽朵同台。刘丽朵的最新小说集《深情史》,书写了七十多则有关爱情的短小故事。今天的活动中,她们将讨论简短形式的魅力——对于控制的练习与放弃,对细节的迷恋,和自成一体的微小事物之美。



Fiona Wright is an author, poet, editor and critic from Sydney. Her book of essays Small Acts of Disappearancewon the 2016 Kibble Award and the Queensland Literary Award for non-fiction. In it she explores the question of hunger generally, and the realities of eating disorders specifically. Along the way she touches on travel, family, and literary history. Her poetry collections are Knuckled, which won the 2012 Dame Mary Gilmore Award, and Domestic Interior (Giramondo, 2017), and her new essay collection is forthcoming from Giramondo this year. An intensely personal writer, Wright nevertheless produces work that is tied deeply to literature and society. This author is presented as part of the Australian Writers Week 2018, supported by the Australian Embassy, Beijing and the Australian Copyright Agency limited.

菲奥娜·赖特来自澳大利亚悉尼,是一位作家、诗人、编辑、评论家。她的散文集《小小的消失》(Small Acts of Disappearance)获2016年奇波文学奖、昆士兰文学奖。在这本作品中,她探索了关于饥饿与食物的话题,并延伸至现实生活中进食障碍的个人经历;除此之外,她还谈到旅行、家庭和文学史。出版有诗集《揉揉眼睛》(Knuckled)和《家居与室内》(Domestic Interior),前者获2012年戴姆·玛丽·吉尔摩奖。最新散文集今年将由吉拉蒙德出版社出版。菲奥娜·赖特的写作极其个人化,但她的作品却也与文学、社会深刻相连。

Liu Liduo, born in 1979, has a PhD from Peking University. She has published a collection of academic essays called Remembrance, a story collection called Affectionate History, and her stories and poetry have been widely published in literary journals and anthologies. She currently works in Beijing for the Phoenix media group.

刘丽朵,女,1979年生,小说家,诗人。 北京大学中文系博士,出版有学术随笔集《还魂记》,小说集《深情史》等,并在文学期刊发表有百万字小说。现任职于北京凤凰联动影业。

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