Saturday, March 17, 11.30 am – 1.30 pm | 50 RMB - purchase link

Translation is an art; one that anyone passionate about literature, language, or both should have the chance to experience. The act of translating a poem is an exercise in close reading, an exploration of poetic craft, and a deconstruction of a poem’s mechanisms – in short, it is a crash course in writing poetry. Stephen and Dave, both seasoned translators, will take participants through the second step of a two-step translation process, which involves polishing a “literal” or “rough” English translation of a Chinese poem. Participants will not only have the privilege of working with preeminent contemporary Chinese poems—such as those by Zang Di— they will also have the opportunity to compare their own translations with those of Stephen Nashef and Dave Haysom. While this workshop is intended for English-speakers with or without Chinese-language proficiency, it is recommended that participants bring a Chinese-English dictionary with them to the workshop.

Organized in cooperation with Spittoon Literary Magazine

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