Explorers take many different shapes - whether climbing mountains or digging for fossils, plumbing the ocean depths or mapping the inner workings of the mind. Each September, The Bookworm hosts explorers, scientists and thinkers from every corner of the globe to discuss their work and their unending curiosity in the world around, beneath, above and inside us. With three weeks of talks, panel discussions and workshops, the festival will feature events for everyone from future trailblazers to armchair explorers. Polish your compass, dust off your treasure map and get ready to explore.

In addition to three weeks of great science talks, we will be celebrating science and ideas by transforming The Bookworm into a museum, complete with fossils and life-sized dinosaurs from the dinosaur experts at the Yizhou Fossil & Geology park. All month The Bookworm Museum will be open with displays to peak your curiosity in the natural world.