Ludovic Blein
Ludovic Blein is a specialist in prosthetic dinosaurs and replica models. He has constructed T-Rexes, velociraptors and all kinds of Jurassic and Triassic beasties - for museums and as part of children’s workshops.

Nicholas Bonner
Nicholas Bonner visited North Korea for the first time in 1993 and has been traveling to the country on a regular basis ever since. In 2003, he set up Koryo Tours, a travel agency specializing in tours to North Korea, the first of its kind. Since 2001, together with film director Daniel Gordon, Bonner has produced three documentaries on the country and is currently working on a feature film project. Bonner is a collector of DPRK art and is currently co-curating DPRK art exhibitions in Toronto and Hawaii.

Matthew Durnin, PhD
Matthew Durnin is the Asia Pacific Conservation Science Director of The Nature Conservancy. Since 1994, Durnin has been living in and conducting research on wildlife in China, focusing on Giant Pandas and biodiversity in Yunnan and Sichuan. He is a council member of the International Association for Bear Research and Managing Editor of the International Bear News.

Jeff Fuchs
Author, photographer and explorer Jeff Fuchs is the first westerner to have completed the Tea Horse Road, stretching almost six thousand kilometers through the Himalayas and a dozen cultures. His book The Ancient Tea Horse Road documents his eight-month journey traveling and chronicling one of the world’s great trade routes. Fuchs has recently trekked along another long lost ancient road: a Tibetan salt route in the eastern Himalayas never before explored by a westerner. Fuch is a member of the prestigious Explorer’s Club and now makes his home in northwestern Yunnan, where he leads expeditions with Wild China.

Simon Gjeroe & Lars Thom
Lars Thom and Simon Rom Gjeroe are co-owners of Beijing Postcards, a company that specializes in antique maps and other visual representations of China, such as old photos. Gjeroe has written two books on China and Beijing and several articles on Chinese culture, history and travel for European and Chinese international magazines.

Jim Harkness
Jim Harkness is the president of Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP). Previously he served as executive director of the World Wildlife Fund in China, where he expanded the organization’s profile from a strict focus on conservation of biodiversity to also addressing the consequences of China’s economic growth on a broader sustainable development agenda. He has written and spoken frequently on China and sustainable development, and has served as an advisor to the World Bank and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

Damien Leloup
Damien LeLoup is the Director of the Yizhou Fossil & Geology Park in Liaoling. An all around explorer, before becoming one of China’s go-to dinosaur experts, he was a deep sea archeologist and trained with Jacques Cousteau.

Eric Peng
Astrophysicist Eric Peng is a Bairen Research Professor in the Department of Astronomy at Peking University and a Research Associate at the Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics in Beijing. Peng specializes in the formation of galaxies, as well as dark matter halos.

Dr. Zemaryalai Tarzi
An internationally renown archeologist from Afghanistan, Dr. Tarzi directed the excavations of the famous buddhas of Bamiyan and Hadda, which were destroyed by the Taliban. He currently is the Director of the French Archeological Missions for Bamiyan and the leading expert on these legendary statues.

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