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Festival by the Numbers

Thank you everyone for a fantastic two weeks of literature and ideas! You can relive the 2011 festival by listening to podcast here. Don’t worry - 2012 will be here soon enough!

The 2011 festival by the numbers:
105 events
74 authors form 20 countries
31 school visits
15 authors who visited migrant schools
95 volunteers
400+ bottles of wine
1 straw used

Some of our highlights were amazing in conversations with Paolo Giordano, Christos Tsiolkas and Michel Faber, Emma Donoghue’s energetic reading of Room, Andri Magnason’s dry humor on the economic situation in Iceland, Rakesh Saytal’s gorgeous cabaret voice, Omar Musa’s electric spoken word performance both here and with Nasty Ray freestyle battling in Chinese at 2 Kolegas, A Yi on modern Chinese crime writing, four very powerful women (Mian Mian, Liu Soula, Huang Hua and Chun Shu) discussing the voice of modern Chinese women, Jackie Kay’s poetry-music fusion with local jazz musicians, our dynamic panel on Myth and Mythology with Michel Faber, Rakesh Saytal and Andri Magnason, Leslie Chang discussing factory girls with James Chau, Peter Hessler on his

BLF 2011 Festival Highlights

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BLF & MCF Migrant School Programme


We teamed-up with Migrant Children’s Foundation to bring fifteen of our festival authors to Beijing-area migrant schools. Our authors shared stories from their home countries and encouraged the students to write their own stories. China Radio International (CRI) followed along on one of these visits. Click here to hear more.

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Bi Feiyu awarded Man Asia Award

As we were wrapping up our 2011 festival, we were thrilled to learn that festival author Bi Feiyu was awarded the Man Asia Award for his book Three Sisters. Congratulations from The Bookworm team!!

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Slam, Rap, Words @ 2 Kolegas

Kelly-lee Hickey, Omar Musa and Nasty Ray brought poetry out of the library and on to the stage at 2 Kolegas.

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UPDATE: Committing Journalism programming change

PROGRAMMING CHANGE Owing to the unfolding events in Japan, Peter Foster and Evan Osnos are unable to attend Committing Journalism today, Wednesday 16th March, at 1pm at The Bookworm. However, we are delighted to say that the event will continue with Gady Epstein moderating Louisa Lim (NPR), Keith Richburg (Washington Post) and Lucy Hornby (Reuters) Keith Richburg [...]

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Translation Slam

Our inaugural Translation Slam on Sunday night as part of our festival Footnotes programme opened up a fascinating debate of the trials and joys of translation. Is a translator obligated to be faithful to the writer or the audience? How much cultural information needs to be translated? What really is the best way to say [...]

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The Good People of Nir Baram

Tuesday night, Nir Baram talked us through his book The Good People, which will appear in English translation in 2012. In his fictional story, Nir explores the rationalizing minds that keep extremist regimes going. As he puts it, “we can get rid of Hitler and Himmler, but we will not be able to get rid [...]

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Female Voices of China

Female Voices of China 2

“We want to seen as good writers, not feminist writers and not feminists. Yes, we are women. But we are also, and primarily writers.” Saturday morning in The Bookworm. Mian Mian, Chun Su and Liu Siola are speaking for the female voices of China. They are speak frankly: “When I was 15, I wanted money [...]

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Flashback: Highlights of the first week

Rakesh Satyal shared his tips, tricks and pieces of wisdom about how to get your book published. Vikki from Electric Shadows told her stories with short films. Bruce Gremo and Xi Chuan created a musical poetry adventure. Andri Magnason discussed the Boom and Bust of Iceland and the world. Burlesque fan dancing by Moon and [...]

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Literati Lowdown on Creative Hunt

Creative Hunt gets the lowdown on the 2011 festival so far.

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  • Omar Musa

    TimeOut Beijing chats with Omar Musa on his inspirations.

  • Annie Wang

    Time Out Beijing talks to the bad girl of Chinese literature, Annie Wang.