Interested in becoming a festival volunteer? The festival is a logistical juggernaut which is impossible to get safely on the road without the support of a huge number of volunteers. Tasks range from assisting with publicity to managing our technical requirements to escorting our visiting authors up the Great Wall! If you are interested in getting involved in the 2011 festival, please come to one of our volunteer meetings:

Tuesday, December 7, 7.30pm
Wednesday, December 8 12.30pm

For more info contact

  • The Bookworm International Literary Festival 2011

    4-18 March 2011

    We'll be announcing our 2011 programme during our special festival teaser, The Prologue, January 26-29, 2011. Until then, happy reading!

  • Xiong Liang

    Chinese writer and illustrator Xiong Liang shared his insight into creating his magical books for children at our 2010 festival.

  • Louise Welsh and Paul French

    Scottish crime writer Louise Wesh chatting with Paul French about her latest book, Naming the Bones, at our 2010 festival