UPDATE: Public Good without Jon Watts


Jonathan Watts is unable to attend Public Good on Tuesday, March 15 at 8pm at Studio X. The event will continue with Ma Jun and Li Bo.

China’s suffered a high environmental toll for economic progress: water shortages, diminished biodiversity, desertification, ruined soils and poisoned waters. How much room is there now for public discourse on the environment and its protection, and what form can it take? Can Chinese media, NGOs, celebrities and ordinary people make a difference?  Ma Jun and Li Bo discuss.

Ma Jun is a figurehead for the Chinese environmental movement, director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs and author of the groundbreaking China’s Water’s Crisis (compared with Silent Spring). Environmentalist Li Bo is the leader of Friends of Nature, a membership-based local environment group promoting livable city, low carbon household and green citizens in China.

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