Andrzej Sapkowski

Andrzej Sapkowski headshot

Andrzej Sapkowski (b. 1948) is a fantasy writer who is one of the five bestselling authors in Poland today. His stories reach beyond the conventional patterns of fantasy, featuring nontraditional plots that shuffle problems and conventions, and play together with his reader. He has two story collections, The Last Wish (which inspired The Witcher video game series) and The Sword of Destiny. His stories about Hexer Geralt – the intrepid tamer of ogres – abound in breathtaking adventures, humor, magic, passionate love, intricate enigmas of fate, and postmodern mockery of the contemporary life. Sapkowski has been translated into nine languages.

March 21: Creating Worlds: Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy
March 22: The Witcher Saga

Andrzej Sapkowski’s trip is brought to you with the kind support of the Embassy of Poland in Beijing.

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