Richard Fidler

Richard Fidler is best known as the presenter of Conversationson ABC Radio, an in-depth, hour-long interview program that over the yearshas put him in the company of the world’s most prominent radio presenters. The program is the most popular podcast in Australia, with nearly four million downloads a month. He’s the author of two best-selling non-fiction books: Ghost Empire, which draws on hislifelong love of history and a journey with his son to tell the story ofConstantinople; and Saga Land,co-written with Kári Gíslason, which grew from a radio program exploring the modern echos of Iceland’s traditional sagas, and was awarded the 2018 Indie Book Award for non-fiction. In another life Richard was a member of Australian comedy trio The Doug Anthony All stars (DAAS), which played to audiences all over the world.

March 21, 1:00 PM - STRANGER LANDS 

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